The perfect environment for all factories pork meats

Img Cella MC-450

Mini room in pre-painted plastic-coated plate 6 cm thick plate, it can be used for seasoning and drying. It is recommended for cured pork meats where the product is hung on trolleys and placed in the drying room where it will stay for a week and then be moved to ageing where it will stay until the sale.

The cabinet has an internal built-in led lighting, a modern multimedia control unit with easily-programmable and customizable cycles for every need. The automatic defrosting process and the external basin to collect the condensation liquid with variable reduced-power-consumption resistance and the ventilated and refrigerating and heating cut the need for manual maintenance and the consumption to the minimum.

Panels and electrical systems are assembled by our technicians on site. We supply custom-sized or oversized cells, with ventilated systems, heat recovery, refrigerating and processing rooms .

Technical specifications and options


Do you need a cabinet for seasoning for a short time ? No problem!

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Should you decide later to keep it you may easily redeem it.

Easy to use

Thanks to the multimedia control units you can select fully customizable cycles.

Technology at your command

Choose the consolle that suits your needs: standard, 4,3″ touch or 7″ touch.

Made in Italy

Entirely designed and built in italy, stagionare claims a thirty-year experience in the field!

Solid, reliable and functional!

Our designers and our technicians have developed this cabinet during years of study.

We are at your service

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We will assist you in all stages of the seasoning!

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