Armadio Inox

Stainless-steel monocoque

Cabinet in asi 304 stainless-steel both on the inside and on the outside, recommended for butcheries, farmhouses or factories that need a place for seasoning reduced quantities. Available in two models IX 50 and IX 100.

Armadio componibile

Modular cabinet

Modular cabinet in plastic-coated metal, that can be used to season or to dry. Recommended for buthceries with a medium-large production. Available in the models CO 125, CO 250, CO 375 and CO 400.


Mini room

Mini room in pre-painted and plastic-coated metal that can be used to season and to dry. Recommended for all factories where the product is hung on carts . Available in the models MC 150, MC 300, MC 450 and MC 600.

Why choose us:

  • We have a thirty-year experience in the field, our technicians and our artisans are highly specialized.
  • Completely Made in Italy of the best materials on the market to guarantee a longer life and a better reliability.
  • We will assist you in all the steps to built and install your cabinet, we also offer the possibility to customize the sizes of the solutions we offer.
  • The control units installed will let you monitor easily the process status and create personalized procedures.
  • Possibility to lease the cabinet with the option to buy it later.